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            1. 英語寫作常見銜接過渡詞匯的使用及鞏固練習

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              first of all; according to; in my opinion; as far as I am concerned; as far as I know; as for me


              besides; what’s more; what’s worse; furthermore; in addition to; additionally;


              also; as well (as); or; either…or…; neither…nor…; not only…but also; both…and


              therefore; thanks to; as a result of…; because of; due to; owing to


              above all; indeed; surely; certainly; of course; at least; obviously


              that is to say; in other words; believe it or not; to tell you the truth; namely;actually


              just as; just like; in the same way; similarly; instead


              on the left/right; to the left/right; on one side of.. on the other side of…; at the foot/top/end of; in the middle/center of…


              at first; in the beginning; next; then; later; about two months later; after a while; soon; soon after that; after that; afterwards; since then; meanwhile; in the end; at last; finally; for the first time; the next moment; up to now; before long; from then on; sooner or later



              however; on the other hand; on the contrary; in spite of; after all; in fact; as a matte of fact


              for one thing…and for another (thing); first; firstly; second(ly); third(ly); last but not least(最后但同等重要的)


              for example; for instance; take…for example; such as; as follows; and so on


              in short; in a word; in conclusion; in brief; generally speaking; to sum up; all in all

              VII. 下面是一篇題為 “Hast makes waste(欲速則不達)”的文章,請根據提示填寫出恰當的過渡詞以確保語篇連貫。

              There is an old saying, "Haste makes waste." It's the experience of our forefathers, however, it is correct and of great importance in many cases even today.

              1 (表順序) it teaches us that we shouldn’t be overanxious for quick results. 2 (表轉折) we will fail. 3 (表遞進) if we emphasize too much upon speed, we will suffer sooner or later. 4 (表舉例) if we are too hasty in tests, it is very possible that we may make some mistakes or even fail. 5 (表遞進) we may leave a bad impression on both the teacher and classmates that we are careless. 6 (再次列舉) if a sportsman is hasty in an important game, he may lose a very precious opportunity to win the championship. 7 (表結果) he will lose the confidence to pick the pieces up. Haste has many side effects. On the one hand, haste may result in wrong decision or more mistakes. 8 (表列舉) haste mean a failure or an accident in some important occasion.

              9 (表總結) whatever we do, do pay attention to the balance of the speed and quality.

              VIII. 閱讀短文,選擇適當的過渡性詞匯填空。

              (as we all know, only in this way, surely, therefore, in my opinion, however, as well as, besides )

              ______, we are what we eat. ______, it’s a very important for us to form healthy eating habits. ______, bad eating habits are still very common among us students. Some of us often go to school without breakfast; some like to have snacks; some others are particular about food; and still some eat or drink too much. All these bad habits will ______ do harm to our health.

              To keep fit, we should have various healthy diets, which generally include proper amounts of fish, meat, vegetables, fruit ______ main food. ______, we’d better have meals regularly.

              ______, we should try to develop healthy eating habits to build up a strong body. ______ can we have enough energy to study better.


              VII. 1. first 2. Otherwise 3. In addition 4. For example / For instance 5. What’s more 6. For another example 7. As a result 8. On the other hand 9. In conclusion/In a word

              VIII. As we all know, Therefore, However, surely, as well as, Besides, In my opinion, Only in this way.

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