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            1. 初中英語高頻動詞用法大匯總!

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              加to do的高頻考查動詞

              1. afford to do 負擔的起做某事

              We can't afford to make any mistakes.我們承擔不起任何失誤。

              2. agree to do 同意做某事

              Do you agree to have dinner today? 今天你同意一塊吃飯嗎?

              3. choose to do 選擇做某事

              Why do so many people choose to leave their country? 為什么有這么多人要離開祖國?

              4. decide to do 決定做某事

              She decided to accept the offer. 她決定接受這一提議。

              5. expect to do 期待做某事

              The shop expects to make more money this year. 這家店鋪期望今年多賺點錢。

              6. hope to do 希望做某事

              I hope to see you again sometime next year. 我希望明年某一時候再見到你。

              7. hurry to do 急忙做某事

              We shall have to hurry to get there in time. 我們將不得不及時趕到那。

              8. manage to do 設法做成某事

              How do you manage to do such a thing? 你是怎么設法做這樣的事?

              9. plan to do 打算做某事

              Where do you plan to spend your holiday? 你打算去哪里度假?

              10. prefer to do 寧愿做某事

              I prefer to travel in the front of the car. 我寧愿坐在汽車的前面。

              11. refuse to do 拒絕做某事

              I refuse to answer that question. 我不愿回答那個問題。

              12. seem to do 看似做了某事

              The books seem to be lost. 那些書好像不見了。

              13. wish to do 希望做某事

              I wish to talk with you in private. 我希望能私下里同你談話。

              14. want to do 想要做某事

              Is that why you don't want to go home? 這就是你不想回家的原因嗎?

              15. would like to do 想要做某事

              I would like to have a word with you. 我想同你說句話。


              加sb. to do的


              1. allow ab. to do 允許某人做某事

              My boss doesn't allow me to use the telephone. 老板不許我使用電話。

              2. cause ab. to do 導致某人做某事

              The belief in god causes people to do good. 對上帝的信仰使人行善。

              3. encourage sb. to do 鼓勵某人做某事

              Peter, my English teacher, never fails to encourage us to study hard. 我的英文老師彼得總是鼓勵我們要好好用功。

              4. force sb. to do 強迫某人做某事

              No power on earth could force me to do it. 誰也不能強迫我做這事。

              5. invite sb. to do 邀請某人做某事

              We invite her to have Thanksgiving dinner with us. 我們邀請她和我們一起吃感恩節晚餐。

              6. teach sb. to do 教某人做某事

              It is time for somebody to teach you to behave yourself. 該是有人教你應對進退之禮儀的時候了。

              7. warn sb. to do 警告某人做某事

              The police warn us not to go out at night. 警察告誡我們夜間不要出門。

              8. …enough to do 足夠做某事

              Would you be kind enough to take a message to him? 拜托您捎個信兒給他。

              9. It's + adj+ for sb. to do 對某人來說做某事很...

              Is it necessary for me to attend the meeting?我真的必須參加這個會議嗎?

              10. It takes sb. some time to do 花費某人多長時間做某事

              How long does it take to go to the airport by taxi? 坐出租汽車去飛機場要多長時間?



              1. avoid doing 避免做某事

              Avoid crossing this street at rush hours. 避免在交通擁擠時間穿越這條街道。

              2. consider doing 考慮做某事

              Would you consider working in New York next year? 明年你考慮到紐約工作嗎?

              3. enjoy doing 享受做某事

              I enjoy singing, much more listening to music. 我喜歡唱歌,更不用說聽音樂了。

              4. finish doing 結束做某事

              It took us a whole week to finish painting the home. 我們花了整整一星期的時間才把房子粉刷好。

              5. hate doing 討厭做某事

              The boys hate doing homework on Sundays. 男孩們討厭在星期日做家庭作業。

              6. imagine doing 想象做某事

              I can't imagine living with a drunk. 我想象不出與一個醉漢生活在一起的情形。

              7. keep doing 持續做某事

              Foreign words keep coming into English. 外來詞源源不斷地進入英語。

              8. mind doing 介意做某事

              Would you mind stepping aside to let me pass? 你介意站開讓我走過去嗎?

              9. practice doing 練習做某事

              Practice throwing the ball into the net. 練習投籃。

              10. regret doing 后悔做某事

              I believe you will regret leaving Paris. 我相信你會為離開巴黎而后悔的。

              11. risk doing 冒險做某事

              I don't think they will risk holding an election. 我想他們是不會冒風險舉行選舉的。

              12. suggest doing 建議做某事

              I suggested going for a walk. 我建議去散步。

              13. be worth doing 值得做某事

              He'll probably say no, though it's worth trying. 他很可能不同意,但不妨去試探一下。

              14. spend…doing花費...做某事

              How much time do you spend practicing English every day? 你每天花多少時間練習英文?

              15. while/when doing

              I like to listen to music while running. 我喜歡一邊跑步,一邊聽音樂。

              16. have a good time/fun/problems/trouble/difficulty doing做某事有樂趣/問題/麻煩/困難:

              I have difficulty remembering names. 我不易記住人名。

              17. prevent/stop/keep…from doing阻止...做某事

              Nothing can prevent him from going. 什么都不能阻止他前往。



              1. let sb. do 讓某人做某事

              I hope you can pardon his badness and let him start all over again.希望您能原諒他的不好,讓他從新開始。

              2. make sb. do 使某人做某事

              He find it impossible to make her change her mind. 他發現使她改變主意是不可能的。

              3. hear sb. do 聽見某人做某事

              The shouting boy did not hear his mother call him. 大聲叫嚷的孩子聽不到媽媽的叫喚。

              4. have sb. do 要求某人做某事

              Will you like to have him call you back ? 要他給你回個電話嗎?

              5. would rather do than do 寧愿做...不愿做...

              They would rather go fishing than stay at home. 他們寧愿去釣魚,也不愿待在家里。

              6. had better do 最好做某事

              You had better have another think. 你最好再想一想。


              加to doing的高頻考查動詞

              1. prefer doing to doing 寧愿做...不愿做...

              Their teacher prefers doing to talking. 他們的老師喜歡做而不喜歡說。

              2. be used to doing 習慣做某事

              I'm not used to doing shopping online. 我不習慣于網上購物。

              3. look forward to doing 期待做某事

              I look forward to being alone in the house. 我盼望著能自己一人待在這所房子里。

              4. pay attention to doing 注意力集中在做某事上

              You should pay attention to picking your words . 你應該注意措詞。

              5. devote … to doing 奉獻...去做某事

              I devote myself to helping the poor. 我致力于幫助窮人。

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