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            1. 山東省六地市部分學校2020屆高三3月線上考試英語試題

              2022-09-29 20:23 來源: 高考學習網 本文影響了:7635人

              第一部分 閱讀 (共兩節, 滿分50分)

              第一節       (共15小題;每小題2.5, 滿分37.5分)

              閱讀下列短文, 從每題所給的A、B、C、D四個選項中選出最佳選項。


              Windermere Jetty

              This new museum will trace 200 years of boats and boat-building in the Lakes. The vessels on show will range from historic steam launches to record-breaking speed boats. The conservation workshop will also allow visitors to watch the restoration work take place. Venture out on to the water on cruise boats and grab the opportunity to sail on the Osprey, a restored Edwardian steam boat.
                 ? Opens 23 March, adult £9, under 16s £7.

              Yorkshire Sculpture  Park

              This art-filled landscape has 500 acres of rolling hills home to works by many artists. The newly-built visitor centre, the Weston, is to open to the public, with a gallery space, restaurant and a shop selling produce that includes honey made at the park.

              ? Park is open year round, new visitor centre opens 30 March, admission free, parking from £3 an hour.

              National Centre for Children’s Literature

              Neverland is real after all. The “enchanted land”, surrounding Moat Brae, a Georgian townhouse in Dumfries, south-westScotland, was the inspiration behind the tale of Peter Pan. The house is being restored to its former glory and transformed into a cultural centre celebrating children’s literature. It will include an interactive exhibition, garden adventure trails, bookshop, cafe, as well as hosting workshops and events.
                 ? Opens 3 May, tickets on sale in April.

              Adventure Parc Snowdonia

              New activities at this redeveloped adventure centre inWalesinclude indoor climbing and artificial caving, and an adventure playground. The centre was the world’s first inland surf hub. Currently there’s pod and camping, including use of hot tubs and sauna, with plans for an on-site hotel and spa for 2020.
                 ? Off-peak surfing £35 adult, £25 child; surf lessons from £50 adult, £40 child.

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